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We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe.  Lees meer.
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe.  Lees meer.

3 - 5 Werkdagen

CD 1

  • 1. Jephta HWV 70 (Oratorium) (Gesamtaufnahme)
    • Ouverture - Menuet (006:52)
    • Accompagniato: It Must Be So - Or These Vile Ammonites - Arie: Pour Forth No More Unheeded Pray'rs (1. Akt) (006:45)
    • Chor: No More To Ammon's God And King (002:46)
    • Rezitativ: But Jephtha Comes - Kind Heaven, Assist Our Plea - Arie: Virtue My Soul Shall Stille Embrace (005:06)
    • Rezitativ: 'twill Be A Painful Separation - Arie: In Gentle Murmurs Will I Mourn (005:54)
    • Rezitativ: Happy This Embassy, My Charming Iphis - Arie: Dull Delay, In Piercing Anguish, Bids Thy Faithful Lover Langui (005:06)
    • Rezitativ: Ill Suits The Voice Of Love When Glory Calls - Arie: Take The Heart You Fondly Gave, Lodg'd In Your Breast... (004:26)
    • Rezitativ: I Go; My Soul, Inspir'd By Thy Command Thirsts For The Battle - Duett: These Labours Past, How Happy We! (006:52)
    • Rezitativ: What Mean These Doubtful Fancies Of The Brain? - Accompagniato: If, Lord, Sustain'd By Thy Almighty Pow'r (001:48)
    • Chor: O God, Behold Our Sore Distress (004:06)
    • Rezitativ: Some Dire Event Hangs O'er Our Heads - Arie: Scenes Of Horror, Scenes Of Woe (005:12)
    • Rezitativ: Say, My Dear Mother, Whence These Piercing Cries - Arie: The Smiling Dawn Of Happy Days Presents A Prospec... (004:13)
    • Rezitativ: Such, Jephtha, Was The Haughty King's Reply (000:29)
    • Chor: When His Loud Voice In Thunder Spoke (004:29)

CD 2

  • 1. Rezitativ: Glad Tidings Of Great Joy To Thee, Dear Iphis (2. Akt) (001:05)
    • Chor: Cherub And Seraphim, Unbodied Forms (003:35)
    • Arie: Up The Dreadful Steep Ascending (004:57)
    • Rezitativ: 'tis Well. Haste, Haste, Ye Maidens - Arie: Tune The Soft Melodiuos Lute (004:36)
    • Rezitativ: Again Heav'n Smiles On His Repentant People - Arie: Freedom Now Once More Possessing (003:43)
    • Rezitativ: Zebul, Thy Deeds Were Valiant - Arie: Is Mighty Arm, With Sudden Blow, Dispers'd And Quell'd (006:29)
    • Chor: In Glory High, In Might Serene (002:23)
    • Symphony (001:23)
    • Rezitativ: Hail, Glorious Conqueror! Much-Lov'd Father, Hail! - Solo Und Chor: Welcome, As The Cheerful Light (004:54)
    • Rezitativ: Horror! Confusion! - Arie: Open Thy Marble Jaws, O Tomb (004:17)
    • Rezitativ: Why Is My Brother Thus Afflicted? (001:11)
    • Accompagnato Ans Arioso: First Perish Thou; And Perish All The World!...Let Other Creatures Die (002:50)
    • Rezitativ: If Such Thy Cruel Purpose; Lo! Your Friend Offers Himself - Arie: On Me Let Blind Mistaken Zeal Her Utmost... (001:51)
    • Quartett: O Spare Your Daughter! (002:32)
    • Rezitativ: Such News Flies Swift; I've Heard The Mournful Cause - Accompagniato: For Joys So Vast, Too Little Is The... (005:17)
    • Accompagniato: Deeper And Deeer Still, Thy Goodness, Child (003:39)
    • Chor: How Dark, O Lord, Are Thy Decrees! (006:42)

CD 3

  • 1. Arioso: Hide Thou Thy Hated Beams, O Sun, In Clouds And Darkness - Accompagnato: A Father, Offering Up His... (3. Akt) (006:20)
    • Accompagniato: Ye Sacred Priests, Whose Hands Ne'er Yet Were Stain'd With Human Blood - Arie: Farewell, Ye Limpid Spr... (005:40)
    • Chor: Doubtful Fear And Reverent Awe Strike Us, Lord (003:07)
    • And Thy Determin'd Will Declare - Symphony (001:53)
    • Rezitativ: Rise, Jephtha. And Ye Reverend Prests, Withhold - Arie: Happy, Iphis, Shalt Thou Live (005:53)
    • Arioso: For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name (001:48)
    • Chor: Theme Sublime Of Endless Praise (003:08)
    • Rezitativ: Let Me Congratulate This Happy Turn - Arie: Laud Her, All Ye Virgin Train (002:38)
    • Rezitativ: O Let Me Fold Thee In A Mother's Arms - Arie: Sweet As Sight To The Blind, Or Freedom To The Slave (002:31)
    • Rezitativ: With Transport, Iphis, I Behold Thy Safety - Arie: 'tis Heaven's All-Ruling Pow'r That Checks The Rising Sigh (007:35)
    • Rezitativ: My Faithful Hamor, May That Providence - Arie: Freely I To Heaven Resign, All That Is In Hamor Mine (005:59)
    • Chor: Ye House Of Gilead, With One Voice, In Blessings Manifold Rejoice! (003:25)

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  • EAN : 0825646925872
  • Aantal delen : 3
  • Uitvoering : CD
  • Speelduur : 175
  • Platenmaatschappij : Warner Classics
  • Verschijningsdatum : 27-03-2009
  • Afmetingen : 141 x 124 x 24 mm.
  • Gewicht : 200 gr.