The Rape Of Lucretia Op. 37

City Of London Sinfonia • CD

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CD 1
  1. 1. The Rape Of Lucretia Op. 37 (Der Raub Der Lukretia, Oper In 2 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
  2. Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etruscan Upstart (1. Akt) (005:48)
  3. Here The Thirsty Ev'ning Has Drunk The Wine Of Light (003:05)
  4. Who Reaches Heaven First Is The Best Philosopher (007:46)
  5. Oh, My God, With What Agility Does Jealousy Jump Into A Small Heart (008:52)
  6. Tarquinius Does Not Dare When Tarquinius Does Not Desire (002:57)
  7. Tarquinius Does Not Wait For His Servant To Wake (003:13)
  8. The Spinning Wheel Unwinds Dreams Which Desire Has Spun (005:38)
  9. Listen! I Heard A Knock. Somebody Is At The Gate (003:03)
  10. Time Turns Upon The Hands Of Women (005:36)
  11. None Of The Women Move. It Is Too Late For A Messenger (006:11)
CD 1
  1. 1. The Prosperity Of The Etruscans Was Due To The Richness Of Their Native Soil (2. Akt) (007:40)
  2. She Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night (003:01)
  3. When Tarquinius Desires, Then Tarquinius Will Dare (002:33)
  4. Within This Frail Crucible Of Light (004:47)
  5. Lucretia (006:29)
  6. Here In This Scene You See Virtue Assailed By Sin (004:14)
  7. O What A Lovely Day (006:38)
  8. Hush! Here She Comes! (003:36)
  9. Flowers Bring To Ev'ry Year The Same Perfection (006:24)
  10. Lucretia! Lucretia! O Never Again Must We Two Dare To Part (005:07)
  11. Last Night Tarquinius Ravished Me And Tore The Fabric Of Our Love (003:35)
  12. This Dead Hand Lets Fall That My Heart Held When Full (004:21)
  13. Is It All? Is All This Suffering And Pain, Is This In Vain? (005:41)


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PlatenmaatschappijHarmonia A - F Chandos
Afmetingen141 x 124 x 24 mm.
Gewicht200 gr.

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