Te Deum & Burial Service

St Pauls Cathedral Choir • CD

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  1. 1. Te Deum D-Dur
  2. Symphony (000:59)
  3. We Praise Thee, O God; We Acknowledge Thee To Be The Lord (001:32)
  4. To Thee All Angels Cry Aloud: The Heavens And All The Powers Therein (001:34)
  5. Heaven And Earth Are Full Of The Majesty Of Thy Glory (001:59)
  6. The Glorious Company Of The Apostels Praise Thee (001:52)
  7. The Holy Church Throughout All The World Doth Acknowledge Thee (000:19)
  8. The Father Of An Infinite Majesty (002:56)
  9. Thou Art The King Of Glory, O Christ (001:16)
  10. When Thou Tookest Upon Thee To Deliver Man (002:26)
  11. Thou Sittest At The Right Hand Of God, In The Glory Of The Father (001:08)
  12. We Believe That Thou Shalt Come To Be Our Judge (002:33)
  13. Make Them To Be Numbered With Thy Saints In Glory Everlasting (001:53)
  14. O Lord, Save Thy People, And Bless Thine Heritage (002:54)
  15. Day By Day We Magnify Thee (002:14)
  16. Vouchsafe, O Lord, To Keep Us This Day Without Sin (004:42)
  17. O Lord, In Thee I Have Trusted; Let Me Never Be Confounded (001:19)
  18. 17. Symphony - Rejoice In The Lord, O Ye Righteous (003:51)
  19. Praise The Lord With Harp (003:11)
  20. Sing Unto The Lord A New Song (002:16)
  21. For The Word Of The Lord Is True, And All His Works Are Faithful (002:17)
  22. He Loveth Righteousness And Judgement (002:38)
  23. 22. I Am The Resurrection And The Life, Saith The Lord (004:08)
  24. Man That Is Born Of Woman Hath But A Short Time To Live, And Is Full Of Mysery (003:54)
  25. Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets Of Our Hearts (Komponiert Von Henry Purcell) (002:42)
  26. I Heard A Voice From Heaven, Saying Unto Me (002:42)
  27. 26. Symphony - O Be Joyful In The Lord, All Ye Lands (002:57)
  28. Be Ye Sure Thet The Lord He Is God (002:05)
  29. O Go Your Way Into His Gates With Thanksgiving, And Into His Courts With Praise (002:38)
  30. For The Lord Is Gracious, His Mercy Is Everlasting (002:12)
  31. Glory Be To Father, And To The Son: And To The Holy Ghost (002:12)


PlatenmaatschappijHarmonia G - O Hyperion
Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.  

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