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The Searchers - Collected (3 CD)

Deze verzamel-cd uit de serie Collected bevat de beste nummers van The Searchers. Geniet van hits als Sweets For My Sweets, Some Other Guy en vele anderen.

1. Sweets for My Sweet
2. Sweet Nothins
3. It's All Been a Dream
4. Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
5. Alright
6. Farmer John
7. Love Potion No. 9
8. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
9. Since You Broke My Heart
10. Sugar and Spice
11. Some Other Guy
12. Saints and Searches
13. Don't Cha Know
14. Listen to Me
15. Hungry for Love
16. All My Sorrows
17. Saturday Night Out
18. Bye Bye Johnny
19. Needles and Pins
20. Don't Throw Your Love Away
21. I Pretend I'm with You
22. This Empty Place
23. I Count the Tears
24. Sho' Know a Lot About Love
25. Can't Help Forgiving You
26. Where Have You Been?
27. Someday We're Gonna Love Again
28. Shame, Shame, Shame

1. No One Else Could Love Me
2. The System
3. When You Walk in the Room
4. (I'll Be) Missing You
5. What Have They Done to the Rain
6. This Feeling Inside
7. Goodbye My Love
8. Til I Met You
9. Everybody Come Clap Your Hands
10. If I Could Find Someone
11. Magic Potion
12. I Don't Want to Go on Without You
13. Till You Say You'll Be Mine
14. Goodnight Baby
15. Bumble Bee
16. He's Got No Love
17. Once Upon A Time
18. So Far Away
19. When I Get Home
20. I'm Never Coming Back
21. Take Me for What I'm Worth
22. Too Many Miles
23. Don't You Know Why
24. Each Time
25. Be My Baby
26. Does She Really Care for Me
27. I'm Your Loving Man

1. Take It or Leave It
2. Don't Hide It Away
3. Have You Ever Loved Somebody
4. It's Just the Way (Love Will Come and Go)
5. Popcorn, Double Feature
6. Lovers
7. Western Union
8. I'll Cry Tomorrow
9. Second Hand Dealer
10. Crazy Dreams
11. I Don't Want to Be the One
12. Hollywood
13. Umbrella Man
14. Somebody Shot the Lollipop Man
15. Shoot 'Em Up Baby
16. Kinky Kathy Abernathy
17. Geld (Das Ist, Was Ich Wünsche) (Money (That's What I Want))
18. Landwirt John (Farmer John)
19. Mais C'Était Un Rêve (It's All Been A Dream)
20. Sü? Ist Sie (Sugar and Spice)
21. Ils la Chantaient Il y a Longtemps (Saints and Searchers)
22. Tausend Nadelstiche (Needles & Pins)
23. C'Est Arrive Comme Ca (Don't Throw Your Love Away)
24. Wenn Ich Dich Seh (When You Walk in the Room)
25. Verzeih' My Love (Goodbye My Love)
26. Aggravation
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe. Lees meer.
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe. Lees meer.

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  • EAN : 0600753379745
  • Taal : Engels
  • Aantal delen : 3
  • Uitvoering : CD
  • Platenmaatschappij : Universal
  • Verschijningsdatum : 15-06-2012
  • Serie : Collected
  • Afmetingen : 141 x 124 x 24 mm.
  • Gewicht : 200 gr.