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Guided By Voices • DVD

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This Banks Tarver documentary about the perpetually touring Dayton, OH lo-fi gods Guided by Voices is a tricky affair. On one hand, it is intriguing to see this rare interview footage of the band, especially, somewhat eccentric, pop-genius frontman Robert Pollard and brilliant, and often seemingly mysterious, guitarist Tobin Sprout. On the other hand, the film is a little too artsy for its own good. Live footage of the band and assorted scenes of Dayton are shown over, and over, and over with various band members' voices dubbed over them. Live footage and hard-to-find videos (including two directed by Tarver: 'I Am a Scientist' and 'Official Ironman Rally Song') are included, though several songs are included multiple times for no apparent reason other than to make the film longer. Whereas fans might hope Watch Me Jumpstart would offer some sort of insight into the inner workings of the band, it generally does not, aside from taking a look at the creation of one of a kind Guided By Voices t-shirts and album covers. Still, it has its high points, primarily funny stories told by the band &212; such as Robert Pollard's account of kicking so high on stage one night that he fell down, but just had to keep on singing anyway. Tarver's intent to document one of the indie scene's most prolific outfits is admirable, but it seems to lack an overall sense of vision, coherency, and direction &212; but perhaps this was done on purpose as an attempt to reflect the cut-and-paste sonic collage quality that typifies early Guided By Voices records. Only Tarver knows for sure. At any rate, this documentary is one that will really be of interest only to those already familiar with the world of Guided by Voices.


  1. 1. Hot Freaks
  2. 2. Superwhore
  3. 3. Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
  4. 4. Shocker In Gloomtown
  5. 5. Postal Blowfish
  6. 6. Weed King
  7. 7. Exit Flagger
  8. 8. I Am A Scientist
  9. 9. I Am A Scientist [Music Video]
  10. 10. Auditorium; Motor Away [Music Video]
  11. 11. My Valuable Hunting Knife [Music Video]
  12. 12. Official Ironmen Rally Song [Music Video]
  13. 13. Bulldog Skin [Music Video]
  14. 14. Glad Girls [Music Video]
  15. 15. My Kind Of Soldier [Music Video]
  16. 16. Tight Globes
  17. 17. Cut Out Witch
  18. 18. Echos Myron


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Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.

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