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Scotland's Runrig was formed in 1973 as a trio by Rory MacDonald, Calum MacDonald, and Blair Douglas, adding Donnie Munro the next year. Douglas quit and was replaced by Robert MacDonald, who died of cancer in 1986. The band went through a number of lineup changes before settling on the MacDonalds, Munro, Peter Wishart, Iain Bayne, and Malcolm Jones. Runrig plays a version of traditional Scottish folk music with a more anthemic rock sound; they are known for pride in their heritage and their spirited energy. The band has been on a steady rise in the U.K. since signing with Chrysalis for their biggest-selling American album, The Cutter and the Clan. While popular in Britain, they remain largely a cult band in America, with followers in the Celtic and folk arenas.


  1. 1. Going Home
  2. 2. Hearthammer
  3. 3. Protect And Survive
  4. 4. Big Sky
  5. 5. Skye
  6. 6. Hearts Of Olden Glory
  7. 7. Siol Ghoraidh
  8. 8. The Engine Room
  9. 9. Every River
  10. 10. Only The Brave
  11. 11. Dance Called America
  12. 12. Pride Of The Summer (Beat The Drum)
  13. 13. Proterra
  14. 14. Running To The Light
  15. 15. The Stamping Ground
  16. 16. Maymorning
  17. 17. Faileas Air An Airigh
  18. 18. Rocket To The Moon
  19. 19. Loch Lomond
  20. 20. Book Of Golden Stories


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Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
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