Rape Of Lucretia


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  1. 1. The Rape Of Lucretia Op. 37 (Der Raub De
  2. Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etruscan Upstar
  3. It Is Axiom Among Kings
  4. While We As Twoe Observers Stand
  5. Here The Thirsty Ev'ning
  6. Who Reaches Heaven First
  7. Love, Like Wine, Spills Easily
  8. Lucretia! Lucretia!
  9. How Bitter Of You
  10. Oh, The Only Girl Worth Having
  11. There Goes A Happy Man
  12. Tarquinius Does Not Dare
  13. My Horse - Tarquinius Does Not Wait
  14. Their Spinning Wheel
  15. Listen! I Heard A Knock!
  16. Ah... - Time Treads Upon The Hands Of Wo
  17. Hoe Quiet It Is Tonight
  18. The Oatmeal Slippers Of Sleep
  19. None Of The Women Move
  20. What Brings The Prince Tarquinius Here
  21. The Prsoperity Of The Etruscans (2. Akt)
  22. And Tarquinius Superbus Ruled In Rome
  23. While We As Two Pbservers Stand
  24. She Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night
  25. When Tarquinius Desires
  26. Thus Sleeps Lucretia
  27. Lucretia - What Do You Want?
  28. Go, Tarquinius
  29. See How The Centaur Mounts - Here In Thi
  30. Oh, What A Lovely Day
  31. Good Morning, My Lady
  32. Flowers Bring To Ev'ry Year
  33. Yes, I Remember!
  34. Where Is Lucretia?
  35. Then Turn Away
  36. If Spirit's Not Given
  37. This Dead Hand Lets Fall
  38. Is It All?
  39. It Is Not All
  40. Since Time Commenc'd
  41. Credits

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Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.
Regio0   0 (Regiovrij)
1 (VS; Canada)
2 (Europa; Midden Oosten; Japan; Zuid Afrika)
3 (Zuidoost Azië; Zuid-Korea; Taiwan; Hong Kong)
4 (Australië; Nieuw-Zeeland; Zuid Amerika)
5 (Ex-USSR; Indiaas subcontinent; Afrika)
6 (China)



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