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Rage Against The Machine • DVD

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Outside Mexico City's Sports Pavilion hundreds of young Rage fans rattle metal fences and throw rocks at the increasing nervous police. Inside, a seething crowd of 5000 lucky ticket holders cram into the cavenous pavilion chanting fingers into the thick, sweary air while waiting for Rage Against The Machine to storm the stage.

One of the greatest live acts in music history. Rage only affirms that fact with this show. Whatever club, theater, arena, or stadium they're in, the opening of each Rage Against The Machine show always feels like a grenade has gone off. But this night ut was as if a truck full of bombs blew up as the band tore into opening salvo of 'Testify'. Fans cascaded toward the stage like rippling waves stopping only to pogo up-and-down like jackhammers.

Longtime supporters of various political causes in Mexico, Rage were performing for the very first time in Mexico City. The connection between the audience and the band is electric. From the early 'all hell can't stop us now' chant in Guerrilla Radio to the blood-curdling screams in the finale of Freedom, there is an urgency at this show that is unrivaled. This is live rock & roll as it's meant to be heard: fierce, funky, uncompromising. This is Rage Against The Machine in their finest hour.


  1. 1. The Ghost Of Tom Joad - Live (00:00)
  2. 2. Vietnow - Live (00:00)
  3. 3. People Of The Sun - Live (00:00)
  4. 4. Bulls On Parade - Live (00:00)
  5. 5. Bullet In The Head - Live (00:00)
  6. 6. Zapata's Blood - Live (00:00)
  7. 7. Know Your Enemy - Live (00:00)
  8. 8. Bombtrack - Live (00:00)
  9. 9. Tire Me - Live (00:00)
  10. 10. Freedom - Live (00:00)
  11. 11. Killing In The Name - Live (00:00)
  12. 12. Killing In The Name - Video Clip (00:00)
  13. 13. Bullet In The Head - Video Clip (00:00)
  14. 14. Freedom - Video Clip (00:00)
  15. 15. Bulls On Parade - Video Clip (00:00)
  16. 16. Memory Of The Dead (Land And Liberty) - Video Clip (00:00)
  17. 17. People Of The Sun - Video Clip (00:00)


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Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.


  • =PAL/REGION 2, 78 MIN. VIDEOCLIPS + LIVE '94-'97=

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