Live At Lansdowne Road

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Comprising three sisters and one brother of the Corr family vocalist Andrea, drummer Caroline, violinist Sharon and guitarist/keyboard player Jim the Corrs blend the music of their Irish background with contemporary pop/rock and occasional use of synthesizers. The quartet formed in 1991, and was confined to regional popularity in Ireland until 1994, when the American ambassador to the country invited the Corrs to perform at the 1994 World Cup in Boston. The attraction led to a support slot on Celine Dion's 1996 tour, which the group joined just after an appearance at that year's Olympic Games in Atlanta. The Corrs' debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten (released on Lava / Atlantic in America) became internationally popular, but nowhere more so than their homeland, where the LP's four-times-platinum status made it one of the most popular debuts by an Irish group. Talk on Corners followed in 1998, and was reissued in expanded form early the following year. Andrea Corr, who had made a small appearance in the 1991 film The Commitments, returned to acting five years later with a role in Evita. The group returned to the studio and produced a fourth album in 2000.


  1. 1. Only When I Sleep (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:11)
  2. 2. The Right Time (Live From Lansdowne Road) (003:47)
  3. 3. Joy Of Life (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:58)
  4. 4. Forgiven Not Forgotten (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:55)
  5. 5. What Can I Do? (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:10)
  6. 6. No Frontiers (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:12)
  7. 7. Runaway (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:01)
  8. 8. Haste To The Wedding (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:38)
  9. 9. Secret Life (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:50)
  10. 10. Love To Love You (Live From Lansdowne Road) (003:55)
  11. 11. Queen Of Hollywood (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:56)
  12. 12. Dreams (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:44)
  13. 13. I Never Loved You Anyway (Live From Lansdowne Road) (005:13)
  14. 14. Lough Erin Shore (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:14)
  15. 15. Closer (Live From Lansdowne Road) (004:33)
  16. 16. So Young (Live From Lansdowne Road) (007:24)
  17. 17. Toss The Feathers (Live From Lansdowne Road) (003:16)
  18. 18. Breathless (Video) (003:27)
  19. 19. Irresistible (Live From Fleadh 2000) (000:01)
  20. 20. No More Cry (Live From Fleadh 2000) (000:01)
  21. 21. The Corrs In Blue (Video Documentary) (025:00)


GeluidsformaatDolby Digital 5.1
LeeftijdsindicatieAlle Leeftijden
Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.
Regio2   0 (Regiovrij)
1 (VS; Canada)
2 (Europa; Midden Oosten; Japan; Zuid Afrika)
3 (Zuidoost Azië; Zuid-Korea; Taiwan; Hong Kong)
4 (Australië; Nieuw-Zeeland; Zuid Amerika)
5 (Ex-USSR; Indiaas subcontinent; Afrika)
6 (China)



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