What the Raven Brings

John Owen Theobald • Paperback (ENG)



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The Blitz is over but the war rages on. Anna Cooper, now 14, bluffs her way into the air force and becomes entangled in the glamorous - and dangerous - world of female war pilots. But the secret of her past threatens both her and her fellow airwomen.

Timothy Squire takes charge of the Tower ravens, 'the heroes of the Blitz', displaying them to the public, including Anna's friend Flo, recently returned from evacuation. But Flo's interest is not with the ravens alone. Reeling from Anna's departure, Timothy throws himself into work at the docks as a Royal Engineer. Promoted to bomb expert, he soon finds himself at the centre of a powerful secret of his own: one that could win or lose Anna ... and the war itself.

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Auteur(s)John Owen Theobald
UitgeverijHead Of Zeus
UitvoeringPaperback (ENG)
Afmetingen314 x 254 x 27 mm.
Gewicht450 gr.  

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