Social inclusion,Dutch perspectives

Inclusion is an important component of quality of life. It is linked to issues such as participation in society, relationships, social networks and civil society. Viewed from this perspective, the social position of people with an intellectual disability in Europe in general and in the Netherlands in particular, still leaves much to be desired. Often segregation and marginalization still exist.

Social Inclusion focuses on the factors for success and failure that come into play when designing inclusion processes. The book examines the role of health care organizations and their contributions to inclusion. From the perspective of the health care organization, the following issues are explored:
* To what extent has the history of health care been obstructive for inclusion?
* Which roles do government, advocates and stakeholders play?
* Which roles are played by organizational features, the employees and those with an intellectual disability who are supported by a health care organization?
* Which implementation strategy would be the most appropriate when designing changes?

The book shows that important lessons can be learned from Dutch health care. It provides valuable insights resulting from the research that lies at the basis of this publication.

Dr Hans R.Th. Kröber is the managing director of a support organization for people with learning disabilities and people with intellectual disabilities in the Greater Rotterdam area.

Hans J. van Dongen MBA is a consultant for strategic change management and communication in civil-society organizations. To date they have published four books, all of which focus on care and support for people with disabilities.
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe. Lees meer.
We geven korting vanaf je 4e boek in 12 maanden. Zonder gedoe. Lees meer.

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