Missed Swans

Chrysanth Misen • Paperback (ENG)



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A mere humble exercise into contemporary classical writing, Missed swans seeks to admire the beauty and diversity of nature. Simplicity is virtue as the world vibrates around us, the classical pen attempts to honor where word and tonation cross.
Hence this small poetic collection, rather attempts to honor and maintain the talent of classical writing, it does not seek new horizons in todays literature rather it seeks to honor the simplicity of writing.
This small work, written with attention and care to the classical arts should be perceived in all its meaninglessness, true to the art of the classical pen. The swan, after all, finds expression in nature, as nature soothes the poet,
swans are the inevitable center of this little work. Some photographic art is included. The work is dedicated to Marie Curie.


Auteur(s)Chrysanth Misen
UitgeverijShop My Book.com
UitvoeringPaperback (ENG)
Afmetingen314 x 254 x 27 mm.
Gewicht450 gr.

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