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Jacobo Krauel • Hardcover (ENG)



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Inflatable architecture has evolved since its appearance at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was used to create temporary structures for the military, into a form of architecture that can be applied to all kinds of contexts. Nightclubs, bars, events, trade fairs, artistic installations and larger-scale projects have all made use of this relatively recently discovered field in architecture and design, seduced by the unique forms and uses it offers. This volume covers a wide variety of situations in which inflatable architecture and design have been applied with surprising results, from eye-catching, temporary art installations to more permanent projects such as Grimshaw Architects' famed Eden Project. The full-color photographs and explanatory texts will serve as inspiration to architects, designers and artists alike in search of new ideas to enrich their work.


Auteur(s)Jacobo Krauel
UitvoeringHardcover (ENG)
Aantal pagina's300
Afmetingen314 x 254 x 27 mm.
Gewicht700 gr.  

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