Domesticated - Evolution in a Man-Made World

Richard C. Francis • Hardcover (ENG)



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A natural storyteller, Richard C. Francis weaves history, archaeology, and anthropology to create a fascinating narrative while seamlessly integrating the most cutting-edge ideas in twenty-first-century biology, from genomics to evo-devo. Each domesticated species is a case study in evolution. Two key themes emerge: that domestication often results in the retention of juvenile traits, and that, for all the spectacular alterations wrought by natural and artificial selection, evolution remains fundamentally a conservative process: the Pekingese, for example, retains ample evidence of its wolf ancestry. In the final chapters, Francis explores the ways in which these themes apply to human evolution.


Auteur(s)Richard C. Francis
UitgeverijGroothandel - Wil
UitvoeringHardcover (ENG)
Aantal pagina's400
Afmetingen245 x 165 x 40 mm.
Gewicht861 gr.  

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