101 Management Models

Marijn Mulders • Paperback (ENG)



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Management models: many students will come across them in their studies, yet it is only when actually working with them that the function and benefit of management models are revealed. Students often find it hard to select and apply management models. This textbook will assist them to do so. 101 Management Models is aimed particularly at students of economic and technical studies and social sciences in higher education. 101 Management Models gives an overview of well-tested models as well as promising new models. To allow quick access to the models, several indexes are provided, arranged by objective, discipline and author. This new English-language edition is based on the revised edition of the best-selling Dutch textbook: 75 Managementmodellen. All models are discussed in a transparent format: the fundamentals of the management model; its application; the result; the pitfalls. The textbook also offers suggestions for further reading. This textbook is supported by a website www.managementmodels-englishedition.noordhoff.nl, where students find tools for applying management models as well as graphs and other visual representations (Power Point slides). For teachers the website offers teaching aids and other supporting material. This textbook is available only by order under 'sale or return' conditions.


Auteur(s)Marijn Mulders
UitgeverijNoordhoff Uitgevers
UitvoeringPaperback (ENG)
Aantal pagina's392
Afmetingen244 x 172 x 22 mm.
Gewicht756 gr.  

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