Pilgrims And Peppers

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Van Rijn paints with words. On the list of most valueable paintings that are privately owned Rembrandt van Rijn's work currently holds second place. Sadly for most of us these works are quite unattainable. Fortunately there is another Van Rijn in the Netherlands, whose work is within reach for most of us: Frank van Rijn, who paints with words. Frank van Rijn studied electrical engineering at the Tecnical University in Delft, then started his career by taking a sabbatical year. This `year got quite out of hand and is now, 33 years on, still a `sabbatical. He currently lives the life of a global cyclist and a successful writer. By now he has cycled over half a million kilometres, visited all continents and written eleven travel books. Frank is loved by his fans for the pictorial and funny way he describes his adventures and his meetings with people. He is a natural story-teller. 248media now publishes the e-book Pilgrims and Peppers, the English-language version of the Dutch book `Pelgrims en Pepers. Frank takes us on a cycle tour that kicks off in the Greek pensinsula of Athos, then goes on through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal, and ends in Sri Lanka. This journey took him a year; total mileage: 35,100 kilometres. Naturally the e-book is illustrated with beautiful colour photos, which Frank took during his travels.

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