Think Global, Act Local

Erwin Beckers • Paperback

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Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. Today's global changes demand for transformations of all kinds. We can't stand still, and expect the same level of performance. We will simply loose our balance and fall off our bike. Despite the global context, we can't wait for transformations imposed on a global scale. We need to increase and sustain performance in our own local environments.
In the business novel "Think Global, Act Local" the main character is on a journey to explore the essentials of sustainable progression in his local context. The SPI³ model is the backbone, and stands for sustainable performance improvements, systems and people integration, and strategic process innovation. It is all about creating together the necessary transformations. The fourth dimension, social and preservation intelligence, links business performance to sustainability in a global context. This results in Spi4d which opens new business perspectives.


Auteur(s)Erwin Beckers
UitgeverijCreate My Books & Shop My Books
Afmetingen211 x 147 x 19 mm.
Gewicht322 gr.

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