A Basic Guide to International Business Law

LLM, Wevers Mr., H. • Paperback

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A Basic Guide to International Business Law offers you an accessible, user-friendly and innovative introduction to International Business Law and European Law. Why A Basic Guide to International Business Law? * accessible and user-friendly introduction to international business law and European law; * strikes the right balance between theory and practice; * additional study materials available online. A Basic Guide to International Business Law helps you understand the legal problems that arise in international business. The aim of this book is to equip you with the skills needed to prevent and tackle these problems. Highly relevant if you seek employment in an internationally-oriented business environment. The book covers the functioning of the EU, European competition law, the free movement of goods in the EU, international contracts of sale, international carriage of goods, incoterms and international payments. It contains numerous examples, accessible legal verdicts and exercises. In this fourth edition new paragraphs have been added with regard to the laws on sea transportation. A Basic Guide to International Business Law is also available as an e-book. Online extras The associated website offers you extensive support and contains links to interesting websites and articles. You get access to the answers to the textbook questions, and to additional exercises and answers. Relevant documents on treaties and regulations are also available.


Auteur(s)LLM, Wevers Mr., H.
UitgeverijNoordhoff Uitgevers
Aantal pagina's206
Afmetingen241 x 170 x 11 mm.
Gewicht373 gr.  

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