A Basic Guide to International Business Law

H. Wevers • Paperback

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A Basic Guide to International Business Law is an accessible, user-friendly and innovative introduction to International Business Law and European Law.

Its aim is to give students in CE, IBL, IBMS and MER (and others seeking employment in an internationally-oriented business environment) an understanding as well as practical knowledge of legal problems that can arise in international business, and to equip them with the skills needed to prevent and tackle these problems.

A Basic Guide to International Business Law covers the functioning of the EU, European competition law, the free movement of goods in the EU, international contracts of sale, international carriage of goods, incoterms and international payments.

New in the third edition of A Basic Guide to International Business Law are topics including the free movement of persons and workers and the freedom to provide services and the freedom of capital, as well as the Rome II Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations. The third edition also discusses entry strategies to new foreign markets.

A Basic Guide to International Business Law contains numerous examples, accessible legal verdicts and exercises.

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Auteur(s)H. Wevers
UitgeverijNoordhoff Uitgevers
Aantal pagina's206
Afmetingen240 x 170 x 10 mm.
Gewicht405 gr.  

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